Who We Are

In partnership with area churches and non-profits, The Haven is a venture of cooperation and goodwill for the sake of building a more unified community. We are more than individuals; more than churches; more than social service agencies. We are a movement of healing and hope.

What is The Haven?

The Haven seeks to be a refuge during the day for those who may be experiencing homelessness. The Haven provides a safe and supportive place for all who enter to rest, read, write, create, learn, and build community. Everyone at The Haven- members and staff alike- can take steps towards living into their intrinsic value. Through relationships built, referrals to resources, and opportunities to learn and grow, The Haven exists to see people thrive.

Why The Haven?

Every person has value and is deserving of dignity, opportunity, and community. Everyone should have chances to make positive changes they desire for their lives. The Haven connects people with ways to take steps towards their desired future. Everyone should have a place to belong. The Haven brings people together across differences to build relationships.

The Haven is not a social service provider. There are many organizations in Brockton providing excellent services for those who are experiencing homelessness. The Haven seeks to provide the support and encouragement some people may need to access these services. As skills and relationships develop at the Haven, confidence increases, and hope grows.

What we offer

  • Life Skills Groups

  • Access to Community Resources

  • Restroom Facilities

  • Library and Reading Room

  • Personal Enrichment and Recreation Opportunities

  • Computer Lab

  • Movies

  • Snacks

founding organizations

  • Office of Mayor Bill Carpenter, Brockton

  • Nancy M. Mency Outreach Ministries

  • Brockton Covenant Church

  • Woody's Project/Emunah